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The Opportunity

ZokshPay believes that blockchain-based payments and cryptocurrencies will become a tool for the unbanked population โ€“ currently at around two billion people worldwide. However, this technology not only benefits this group of people but at the same time, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have changed the entire e-commerce ecosystem by offering highly beneficial systems to both customers and merchants in developed and developing regions. The $3 trillion global retail e-commerce market is ever-growing with now more than 20% year over year. This market is currently dominated by Visa and Mastercard but is being disrupted by the potential of this new market of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Companies that can piggyback on these existing market leaders while providing their own services will propel their services forward at a much quicker rate than someone entering the marketing with a completely new product offering and no back-bone integrations to spearhead its marketing.

The opportunity and features that these new emerging systems provide will offer a substantially more efficient method of providing instant and lower-cost remittances and services worldwide. Currently, the market is in the need of a tool and system in place to lower these transaction fees and offer the same feel of services, which blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole can solve. The users in this market need to become aware that ZokshPay will offer its product line in a cheaper, more efficient, and more selective range of services versus its competitors.